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15th September 2019

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Note From The Editor

Note From The Editor

Dear Readers of The Counter Terrorist,

It is my privilege to serve as editor of The Counter Terrorist. Like many of you, I have had the opportunity to gain some insight into how our adversaries operate. I have also watched, sometimes with frustration, as key decisions in this defensive campaign have been made. The Counter Terrorist is dedicated to refining the efforts of those involved in identifying, preventing and responding to the terrorist attacks of tomorrow.

This magazine is not a politically partisan mouthpiece. It is not an agency advocate. It is not a repository for academics and designated “experts”. This magazine does not belong to me. It is yours. This is a forum to bring insights and questions. When a soldier in Afghanistan has a lesson learned to share with a police officer in New York, this forum is available. When a given organization wishes to acquire or supplement counter-terror capabilities, this should be a useful resource.

We have brought a wide range of individuals with experience killing, capturing and/or investigating terrorists to you. It is my conviction that no element of this campaign previously named the “Global War on Terror” is without historic precedent. Rather than forcing our brothers to re-learn hard earned lessons on their own, share what you have gained here.

We are interested in the following topics:

    • Terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures
    • Terrorist organizations and individuals
    • Organized crime, gangs and spree crimes of national significance
    • Policing and security operations
    • Border security
    • Military counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency
    • Emergency and medical services
    • Technology and science
    • Propaganda
    • Cultural study
    • Case studies and first-hand experience

I look forward to hearing from you.

Semper Fidelis,
Chris Graham
The Counter Terrorist