CCTP certification exam | London, UK

The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) award is a professional UK accredited Level 4 credential which provides demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection and deterrence. The credential can be awarded to the eligible candidates who have successfully passed the examination which assesses the knowledge of 14 main areas in the counterterrorism field.

The CCTP certification program has been thoroughly devised to be in compliance with the International Standards Organization (ISO) 17024 standard for certifying the competence of personnel. The certification programme is externally accredited by the UK National Awarding Organisation, NCFE to Level 4 standard Qualification.

The certification assesses ability and knowledge to apply counter terrorism and security planning best practice to real-life situations.

All delegates on the course successfully passed the CCTP programme, meeting rigorous professional standards of competence in protection, defence and security planning. The delegates will able to inform prospective clients, industry professionals and other future employers of their counter terrorism certification.

As the global terrorism threat continues to increase, the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) certification keeps you up to date with the tools and tactics to counter and respond to evolving threats.