The purpose of the CCTP Recertification is to ensure that professionals who have obtained the CCTP Certification enhance their skills and knowledge beyond the minimum competency. Regular recertification occurs through the documentation of (and confirmation, when audited) the required continuing educational activities within the two-year period following successful passing of a CCTP Certification Exam.

Granting Certification

The period of validity of CCTP Certificate shall not exceed two (2) years. The certificate may be renewed for further periods as the result of a re-evaluation. The specified period of validity of a certificate may be extended for a single exceptional extension of up to six (6) months in order to permit re-evaluation to be completed.

Maintaining Certification

All CCTP are required to submit an application for recertification every two years. Each practitioner must demonstrate a significant and measurable contribution to the security industry to maintain their certification.


  1. Fill the online CCTP rectification form
  2. Counterterrorism related contributions: Examples of contributions include, but are not limited to, security-related presentations or public speaking; publishing; attending an educational event; and/or serving in a leadership position for a security industry association. Each contribution must be security-related and verifiable with documentation provided as an attachment to the application form. Point values are assigned for each contribution. A minimum of 20 recertification points must be accumulated during the 24 months after initial certification or last recertification was granted.
  3. Sign the CCTP Code of Conduct
  4. Acknowledgement of not having any criminal record
  5. Recertification payment

CCTP and CPE Requirements

Every holder of the CCTP Certification must obtain no less than 20 CPE points during each two-year cycle for each CCTP Certification. These CPE points must be earned and reported within 30 calendar days of the anniversary of the original date of certification.

Qualifying Activities are listed in the recertification application form and in the CCTP handbook.