Credentials display

Display Your CCTP Credentials
CCTP certification is a powerful professional tool.
Display your CCTP certification credentials proudly to help advance your career within your
organization, and to impress clients and prospects with your qualifications.

Here are some ways to leverage your certification:

  1. Use the official CCTP certification logos with your name on business cards,
    stationery, websites, brochures and advertising. Click here for credential usage guide
  2. Use our unique digital badge which can be added to your email ID, LinkedIn profile
    and website to display and verify you achievements , for more information press
  3. Display the CCTP merchandize to display your credentials. Visit the CTTP Store »
  4. Personalize a sample news release that you can distribute to local media and clients
    to announce your important professional achievement. View sample news releases »
  5. Download the CCTP certification brochure to share with your client and
    candidates. Download digital certification brochure »