Affiliate Program

The CCTP Board offers institutes, organizations, individual professionals, and security experts the prospect of becoming a CCTP Affiliate. Our affiliates choose to distribute or franchise the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner Program within their geographic domain.

Why Become a CCTP Affiliate?

The CCTP Affiliate Program grants the affiliate access to the most advanced strategic curriculum developed by an esteem panel of experts, who hold records for their professional portfolios in their own respective field of expertise, worldwide.

Who Is This Program Intended For?

The Affiliate Program is intended for organizations and practicing experts who want to increase their business arena and wish to gain maximum advantage from their existing contacts and customer database.

CCTP Affiliates Are Typically…

  • Security or law enforcement training companies.
  • Exhibitors or conference management organizations.
  • Government organizations or their respective departments.

How Does Someone Become a CCTP Affiliate?

  • No. 1. Email company profile, SOP, or resume presented by individual practitioner; plus, explain strengths and values achieved within the security market.
  • No. 2. The CCTP Board will review and evaluate documentation and records.
  • No. 3 Sign CCTP Affiliate Associate Agreement with CCTP Board

How Does CCTP Support Its Affiliates?

Affiliates receive ongoing marketing support, online tools, and marketing resources to assist in promotion efforts.