Certification benefit

Why CCTP Certification Matters

The CCTP Certification is recognized internationally and considered the only certification in its field. The certification provides formal recognition of achievement after demonstrating the competence, skillsets, and professional knowledge that is required to make a difference around the globe.

In this dynamic and fast growing world, terrorism is sharp topic and requires proper attention no matter where you live, people are paying high price for security of their life and their loved ones. In CCPT, our aim is to train our clients on various techniques on overcoming terrorism threat in their daily life. Our course is that exceptional knowledge that can help you detect, evaluate and safeguard yourself against the threat of terrorism.
In the field of counter terrorism, CCTP certification recognised INTERNATIONALLY and considered the ONLY ONE certification in its field. If you planning to become our respectful certified member or you already one of the CCTP professionals, our training will provide you with significant knowledge in:

  • Suicide bombers
  • CBRN defence
  • Improvised explosive device
  • Kidnaping
  • And many other areas


Benefits of the Certification to the Individual may Include:


  • Acquired competencies and best practices in the field of counterterrorism.
  • Involvement in a recognized professional group.
  • Keeping the certified individuals up-to-date with the measures needed to respond to the evolving global terrorism threats.
  • Recognition of professional competence by fellows and management in the same field.
  • Potential for career advancement and growth due to recognition as a Certified Counterterrorism Practitioner.
  • Improvement of the individual’s overall performance, elimination of uncertainties, and widening of market opportunities.
  • Aids in ensuring continual improvement and enhancement within the homeland security and counterterrorism fields.
  • Potential for a better income due to being formally recognized as an experienced Certified Counterterrorism Practitioner.


Benefits of the Certification to the Organization may Include:


  • Staff opportunities for advancement and recognition.
  • Being recognized as an operator with an industry standard to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff, and investors.
  • Proof to the organization’s stakeholders that the organization takes initiative against terrorism.
  • Continual improvement of the staff’s responsibility, commitment, and motivation through regular assessments.
  • Evidence of commitment toward its organization’s protection projects, plus the field of counterterrorism.